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Tibetan Life, Issue #10 Help Tibet's Panchen Lama
April 25, 2011

Tashi Delek!

Welcome to Tibetan Life's E-Zine

Happy Birthday Panchen Lama!

The Panchen Lama, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima turns 22 today. He was kidnapped by the Chinese government when he was only six years old. In civilised society, should child kidnappings be tolerated like this? Why are they allowed to get away with it, can someone explain this to me please?

This video explains clearly what I'm talking about to those who don't know the story...the guy is a bit strange but please be patient! :)

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Questions & Answers

Each month, The Tibetan Life e-Zine is created by you with the questions you send me. Do you have a question, comment, or something else that you would like to share with our growing community of Tibetan Life fans?

Recent questions which have been answered:

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A friend told me that you drew some tattoos on your Tibetan hubbie, is that true?

A Short Tibetan Buddhist Teaching...

Practicing Patience with our Enemy
By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The four undesirable things [of the eight worldly dharmas] are suffering, not receiving material things, uninteresting words and a bad reputation. We wish to avoid these four undesirable objects, for ourselves or for our friends and relatives. We wish for the opposite of these four undesirable things—happiness, receiving material things, sweet words, and a good reputation for ourselves, our friends and relatives. But what we wish for the enemy is the complete opposite—we wish that they receive the four undesirable things and do not receive the four desirable things. We seek the eight worldly dharmas for ourselves, our relatives and our friends.

Practicing patience with the four undesirable things is like this. Whenever we meet suffering, we must practice patience. When somebody treats us badly and doesn’t give us material help, we must practice patience. When somebody insults us, we must practice patience. When somebody gives us a bad reputation, we must practice patience. When we meet these four undesirable things, we must practice patience. When the four undesirable things happen to our friends and relatives, we must also practice patience. When somebody harms our close friends and relatives and when they suffer, then we must also practice patience. When material help is not given to our friends and relatives, we must practice patience with that person who doesn’t help them. We must also practice patience with those who insult our friends and relatives, and give them a bad reputation.


Tibetan Tattoo Of The Month!

Last month I wrote this...

Check above for the Tibetan tattoo contest details! The winner will receive a free 'Tibetan Tattoos Sacred Meanings And Designs' E-book. Send in your entries now! The winner will be announced in the next issue of Tibetan Life so stay tuned....

There was no winner as nobody sent in anything!! So I declare myself the winner, yah, I get a free ebook!! :)

But...the offer is still good. If you would like to see your own gorgeous Tibetan tattoo in this space then send it along with the story of how you got it and why!

Tibetan Tattoo Translation Of The Month!

This month's translation is 'This Is Life'. Thanks for the request Sonia from Toronto. Please send us a pic when you get your tat done!

If you would like to see your first name or a favorite word written in Tibetan here in the Tibetan Life e-zine, just ask. Every month a different one will be featured...

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