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Tibetan Life, Issue #07 - It's Finally Arrived!
December 03, 2010

Tashi Delek!

Welcome to Tibetan Life's E-Book Launch!

Finally! A Book On Tibetan Tattoos!

Due to the high demand for Tibetan tattoo translations I have been receiving lately I decided to create a fantastic and informative e-book.

It is chock full of tattoo translations, designs and ideas for your next gorgeous tattoo.

I'm very excited to share with you that I finally did it. I just created my first ever e-book! It's been an interesting (and exhausting!) journey.

If you are interested in Tibetan tattoos, I invite you to check it out

Hurry to receive your special introductory discount only good till Christmas!

Season's Greetings to all of you!

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Want can you do to help Tibet?

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Students for a Free Tibet

International Campaign for Tibet

Tibetan Centre For Human Rights And Democracy

If you would like to know how...

I made this gorgeous little web site all by my non-techie self, check out the link below...

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