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Tibet Is Burning! - Tibetanlife Issue #11
November 05, 2011

Tashi Delek!

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Tibet Is Burning!

I have a heavy heart as I write this issue of Tibetanlife. The 11th Tibetan this year has just set themselves on fire this morning, the second nun to do it. As a Buddhist, I believe it is not good to commit suicide but it is clear that the Tibetans in Tibet are desperate and beyond frustrated. They have been peacefully protesting against Chinese oppression and genocide for 60 years but the world continues to ignore them.

Read more about Tibetan self-immolation and tell us what you think here.

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Is it possible to get a Tibetan Tattoo written in a circle?

My Tibetan Dog just died. I want to share my journey with this remarkable companion.

I want to get a Gemini Tattoo, what's that in Tibetan?

I want to make a fabulous web site like yours. show me how.

I want to share my opinion about Tibet. Where can I do this?

A Short Tibetan Buddhist Teaching...

A Human Approach to World Peace
By HH The Dalai Lama

When we rise in the morning and listen to the radio or read the newspaper, we are confronted with the same sad news: violence, crime, wars, and disasters. I cannot recall a single day without a report of something terrible happening somewhere. Even in these modern times it is clear that one's precious life is not safe. No former generation has had to experience so much bad news as we face today; this constant awareness of fear and tension should make any sensitive and compassionate person question seriously the progress of our modem world.

It is ironic that the more serious problems emanate from the more industrially advanced societies. Science and technology have worked wonders in many fields, but the basic human problems remain. There is unprecedented literacy, yet this universal education does not seem to have fostered goodness, but only mental restlessness and discontent instead. There is no doubt about the increase in our material progress and technology, but somehow this is not sufficient as we have not yet succeeded in bringing about peace and happiness or in overcoming suffering.

We can only conclude that there must be something seriously wrong with our progress and development, and if we do not check it in time there could be disastrous consequences for the future of humanity. I am not at all against science and technology—they have contributed immensely to the overall experience of humankind; to our material comfort and well-being and to our greater understanding of the world we live in. But if we give too much emphasis to science and technology we are in danger of losing touch with those aspects of human knowledge and understanding that aspire towards honesty and altruism.


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