12 tatts and counting...

by John Weston
(Miami, USA)

nice eh, anyone have like this?

nice eh, anyone have like this?

i love tattoos, always have, since i was a kid. Did not need to hide from parents though,ha ha. I got skulls, bit of japanese, (no tibetan sorry) a beauty of my third girl-friend, a few snakes kind of winding around other ones and a fish! (was really drunk when i make THAT choise!!)

Thinking of the next new one. Can't decide.. either the wife's name (maybe not so good) or ya, maybe some tibetian, why not? anyone have a different suggestion for me? I really want to think about this one, I kind of rushed into most of the others, after a good party usually, ha!

Here is the dragon I was thinking to get, anyone have like this? Maybe a bit smaller. looking for a good place to do it.

Anyone, anyone?!

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