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Tibetan people are the most courageous and friendly people I have ever met. They have lost their country but not their hope, enthusiasm for life or sense of humor.

Having spent most of the last ten years living with them in the exile community, I have more than a few experiences and pictures to share. I even married one but I won't kiss and tell; well not too much anyway...!

Tibetan Pictures

Have you ever wondered why these happy people smile so much? What's the secret of their strong spirit? Come and take a look at some beautiful photos of these colorful and friendly people?

Learn a bit about Buddhism and monks, momos and snowlions. Their ancient culture is one of the richest in the world. Please take a look inside for all these answers and more. These people from the land of snow are fascinating and I am delighted to share my experiences.




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Tibet Protest, Tibetan Uprising Day, Tibet Issue
Tibet Protest. March in Toronto for 53rd Tibetan Uprising Day, to mark a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.
Tibetan Self-Immolation, Protest Against Tibetan Genocide
Tibetan Self-Immolation - Protest in Tibet ultimately leads to death. Tibetans choose to die quickly rather than slowly in prison.
Tibetan Life News
The Tibetan Life News Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the tibetanlife.com web site. Subscribe here.
Tibetan Tattoos Sacred Meanings And Designs E-book
Tibetan Tattoos Sacred Meanings And Designs. Finally, A book on Tibetan Tattoos!
Tibetan Tattoos, Buddha Tattoos, Tibetan Pictures, Homemade Design
Gorgeous Tibetan Tattoos: Tibetan design, symbols and mantras. Interesting temporary and permanent homemade tattoos also.
Tibetan Life Questions, Comments and Stories. Share your thoughts.
Tibetan Life Questions, Comments and Stories. Ask a question about Tibet or any Tibetan subject. Have a good story or action plan to help Tibet? Let's hear it! Get your own page on Tibetan Life.
Tibetan Life Newsletters, Tibetan Pictures, News And Gossip
Free Tibetan Life Newsletters. Check out the latest happenings in Tibetan Life, don't miss out!
Tibetan Translation for Tattoos: Get your name translated into Tibetan script.
Do you need a good, fast and cheap English or French to Tibetan translation for tattoos? Get names or special words translated into the language of Tibet. How about a few words of Buddhist wisdom?
14th Dalai Lama: Who Is The Current Dalai Lama? History and Pictures
The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is a much loved and respected leader of the Tibetan People.
Tibetan Dog, Dog History And Function In Tibet, Lhasa Apso and Mastiff Pictures
There are many types of the beautiful Tibetan Dog. From the Tibetan terrier and mastiff to the spaniel and Lhasa Apso. The perfect friend for every human.
Your Tibetan Tattoos: Tattoo Stories and Pictures
Your Tibetan Tattoos: How many Tattoos do you have? Do you have a Tibetan one? This is the place to show off your gorgeous Tatts and comment on other people's!
Tibetan Yoga, Five Tibetan Exercises, Hand Yoga, Yoga Video Online.
Discover ancient Tibetan Yoga; Rejuvenation, Dream, Yantra or Krulkor or Kum Nye; there is no excuse not to get your mind, body and spirit in tip top shape now!
Tibetan Alphabet: Who Invented it? Letters of the Alphabet. Written words.
The Beautiful Tibetan Alphabet has a unique script taken from the Sanskrit alphabet. You can learn it too!
Tibetan Language Books: Just getting started, learning or translating.
My favorite Tibetan language books that helped me to learn this beautiful but difficult language.
Tibet News Kalon Tripa, Tibetan Democratic Election!
Tibet News Kalon Tripa; An intriguing interview with Tenzin Tethong who just may become the next Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister) of the Tibetan government in exile.
Basic Beliefs of Buddhism; What is Buddhism? Is Buddhism a Religion?
A brief and easy explanation of the basic beliefs of Buddhism; an amazing method of how to be happy and satisfied in life.
Buddhist Meditation Beads, Rosaries and Malas. Important Tools For Meditation
Pictures of Beautiful Buddhist Meditation Beads. Rosary Beads or Malas are used by all four major world religions. My favorite that I use in daily practice is the gorgeous dark green Malachite mala.
Easy Meditation Techniques, The Healing Power Of Meditation
Beginning Easy Meditation Techniques, A brief look at mindful meditation to relieve stress and how to do daily meditation.
English to Tibetan Translation, Your Name Translated Into Tibetan!
Cool English to Tibetan Translation: Get your name translated into Tibetan and printed on a tee shirt! The hottest and top selling gift idea.
Om Mani Padme Hum: When is this Tibetan Buddhist Mantra used?
Om Mani Padme Hum is the mantra the Tibetan people repeat the most often. It also makes one of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen! Check inside for a picture.
Tibetan Symbols: The Eight Auspicious Symbols
There are an abundance of interesting and mystical Tibetan symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. These symbols are the most important and certainly the best well known.
Tibetan Buddhist Temples, A Gorgeous Hand Made Temple in India.
Of all the Asian Temples, Tibetan Buddhist Temples are amongst the most beautiful. Come and take a look at the one yours truly built up in the Indian Himalayas!
Tibetan Monk: Interview With A Lama
Impressive Tibetan Monk, A Lama is interviewed. Many Tibetan people escaped from Tibet after the Chinese invasion and are still coming by foot over the mountains today. Why?
Tibetan Singing Bowls: For Meditation, Mantras, Healing and Relaxation
What are these exotic looking Tibetan singing bowls and what are they used for? Get the explantions that you have been curious about but never knew quite who to ask...
Tibetan Monks Chanting, Tibetan Buddhist Throat Singing
Hear the amazing Tibetan monks chanting prayers, mantras and names of the Buddhas. It is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Please enjoy!
Tibetan Moon, one of the most important symbols in Tibetan Buddhism.
Cool Pictures of the Tibetan Moon high in the sky and being eaten by Yama, Lord of Death!
Tibetan Reiki: From Soul Star To Jinlap Maitri Tantric
Ancient Tibetan Reiki - New Age Marketing Ploy or Real Traditional Tibetan Healing?
Qi Dao Tibetan Shamanic Qigong, Qigong Definition, Gentle Qigong
Gentle Qi Dao Tibetan Shamanic Qigong practice is one of the highest forms of healing, next to meditation. Easy gentle routines, qigong for beginners.
Tibetan New Year, Losar, New Years History, Religious New Years Poems & Prayers
Celebrate Tibetan New Year! Tibetans will mark Losar - the Tibetan New Year - on February 14th, 2010. For a Happy Valentine's Day, say 'I Love Tibet!'
Best Life Quotes, Wise Short Quotes, Funny Quotes About Life
Thinking of you best life quotes. Need some inspiration or encouragement with a wise and witty quote? Here are some great quotes of life to share.
Tibet And China: Questions, Comments And Ideas About The Tibetan Situation
Ideas about Tibet and China? Since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, genocide of the Tibetan people and culture continues; what are we doing about it? New ideas needed to secure rights and freedoms.
Tibetan Food, Tibetan Recipes, Easy Dinner Recipes, Party Hors d Oeuvres Recipes
Delish Tibetan Food Recipes - Make delicious traditional Tibetan foods. Wondering how to be happy? Pop a few meat or veggie momos! Yum!
Tibetan Dog Information, Lhasa Apso, Spaniel, Terrier, Mastiff
Tibetan Dog Information: There are many beautiful Tibetan Dogs. From the Tibetan terrier and mastiff to the spaniel and lhasa apso. Come and share your stories, information and businesses.
About Tibetan Life: Meet the author of this fascinating site
About Tibetan Life, Who is this Amdo Namma and why does she think she knows so much about Tibetan people and their way of life?
Miss Tibet Beauty Pageant: Controversial, Educational or just great fun?
The exciting Miss Tibet : Could the flamboyant founder of this pageant, Lobsang Wangyal, become the next 'Mr Tibet'? He would certainly get my vote!
Tibetan Fox, Facts About Foxes, Picture Of A Fox, What do foxes eat?
The beautiful Tibetan Fox or Sand fox lives high up on the Tibetan plateau. Check out a photo of this gorgeous animal.
Travel To Tibet, Tibetan Travel Reviews
Your Travel To Tibet; Tell us about YOUR trip to the Tibetan plateau...why did you go, what did you see, tell us everything!
Tibetan Music, Music from Tibet, Projects, Groups, Musicians And Songs
Tibetan Music: Share your favorite music videos and songs from Tibet, talented musicians, interesting tibet music instrument, any music you love; share your passion...
Tibetan Sky Burial, High Up On The Plateau Of Tibet This Is An Ancient Ritual.
Tibetan Sky Burial, Efficient yet gruesome way to dispose of a dead body? Watch this video from Tibet. From a Buddhist perspective this is an act of generosity, compassion and kindness.
Tibet Almond Stick: What on earth is this and is it actually Tibetan?
Amazing Tibet Almond Stick; is it one of the exotic Tibetan symbols? A new Tibetan tattoo or perhaps something a mastif would eat? I had no idea!
Tibetan Flag: Pictures and History of the National Flag of Tibet
Gorgeous photos of the Tibetan Flag, one of the most beautiful national symbols in the world.
Tibet Capital; Tibetan Capital, Capital of Tibet, Lhasa Tourist Attractions
Lhasa, the Tibet capital is still a place of beauty and mystery. Check out Tibetan pictures of the Dalai Lama's Potala palace and the Jokhang temple.
Tibet Timeline: Major Events in Tibetan History
Take a look at this Tibet Timeline. Check out this brief but interesting history of Tibet.
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Tibetan Life Site Map: Looking for information? This site map lists every page on the website, and will help you find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.
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Tibetan Life Links Page, Tibet Resources
Tibetan Life Links; Here's a page of interesting Tibetan links and Tibet related resources.
Mahamudra Prayer, The Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra
Beautiful Mahamudra prayer by the third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje (1284-1339).
Rare Mastiff Dog Breeds, Tibetan Mastiff Puppies For Sale
Gorgeous rare mastiff dog breeds: these giant mastiff puppies are for sale for an unbelievable amount in China! Why eat one kind of dog and keep another kind as a pet?
Tibetan Tattoos Eternal Translation, Free Tattoos Designs
Tibetan Tattoos Eternal translated into two tattoo lettering fonts. Tibetan script makes for beautiful symbols for guys or girls!
The Dalai Lama In Toronto, Tibetan Clothes Pictures
The Dalai Lama In Toronto, Tibetans decked out in gorgeous traditional Tibetan clothes flock to see the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet speak in Toronto.
Tattoo Names, First Names Tattoo Designs,
Tibetan Tattoo Names - Want to tattoo your name in Tibetan script? Check out the cool tattoo designs names here.
Buddha Tattoos: Pictures, Design and Names of Tibetan Tattoos
Buddha tattoos: beautiful pictures, symbols, names and brief history in Tibetan Buddhism.
First Names Tattoo Designs, Tibetan Tattoos, Tattoo Names, Tattoo Writing
Tibetan First Names Tattoo Designs: I will be translating one name per month for free and putting it in my newsletter. Also, one gorgeous Tattoo will be featured every month, send yours in today!
Tattoo Symbol For Sister, Tibetan Tattoos, Tibetan Translation
What is the Tibetan tattoo symbol for sister? Check out these beautiful small feminine tattoos in Tibetan script.
Tibetan Tattoos Om Mani Padme Hum: This Buddhist Mantra makes a great tattoo.
Tibetan tattoos Om Mani Padme Hum: Check out the tattoo photo galleries and get your free tattoos designs.
Tibetan Tattoos Artist, Tibetan Tattoo Writing
Interview with a Tibetan Tattoos Artist: Check out this handsome Tibetan who will ink you in Little Tibet, Northern India.
Peace Tattoo, Tibetan Tattoos, Free Tattoos Designs
Tibetan Peace Tattoo can look gorgeous, unique and sends a powerful message...dare to be different.
Homemade Tattoos: Tibetan tattoos made by Tibetans!
Interesting Homemade Tattoos. Pictures and stories of unique Tibetan tattoos.
Quotes Of Life, Inspirational and Positive, Motivational Best Life Quotes
Quotes Of Life: Everyone needs a little inspiration in life, whether you are dealing with a death, depression, or needing the courage to change. Here are some pick me up positive quotes.
Tibetan Mastiff Dogs, Tibetan Dog: Status Symbol In China?
Tibetan Mastiff Dogs: Tibetan Mastiff Becomes Status Symbol in China
Tibetan Recipes for Vegetarian Momos, Easy Dinner, Party Hors d'Oeuvres Recipes
Delight your friends with these Tibetan Recipes for Vegetarian Momos! Here are easy and quick Tibetan recipes for vegetarian and potato and cheese momos.
Funny Quotes About Life, Cute Life Quotes, Hilarious Short Quotes
Check out these funny quotes about life. Need a good laugh or something to show your new girlfriend that you actually do have a sense of humour?
Homemade Temporary Tattoos: Do it yourself Tibetan tattoos.
Useful Homemade Temporary Tattoos. Before getting a permanent tattoo, check and see which Tibetan tattoo is perfect for you.
Five Tibetan Exercises: Secret of the Fountain of Youth, Energy and Weight Loss?
Five Tibetan Exercises or 5 Tibetan Rites : However you say it, it is an easy, energizing exercise that will improve your overall health fast! I do it everyday, I love it and highly recommend it!
Tibetan Butter Tea, Yak Butter Tea, Tibetan Food Recipes
Delicious Tibetan Butter Tea; Make yak or regular butter tea to delight your friends with one of these easy Tibetan Life food recipes.
Dalai Lama Quotes, Dalai Lama Quotations, Dalai Lama Teachings
Famous Dalai Lama Quotes from the current Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso. Dalai Lama quotations from teachings and books by the Dalai Lama.
Top Ten Reasons To Exercise. Why Is Exercise Important.
Best top ten reasons to exercise; Why should people exercise? To lose weight, for fitness, lower blood pressure or to just look good naked? Here's my top ten list; write your own if you know better!
14th Dalai Lama Stories, Teachings, Tibetan Pictures
Great 14th Dalai Lama Stories, Have you met the Dalai Lama, attended a teaching or just have a nice comment? Share your experience with us!
Tibetan Dog Memorials, Personalized Dog Memorial
Tibetan Dog Memorials. Are you still grieving the loss of your companion? Let the world know how much your dog meant (and still means) to you.
Tibetan Tattoos: Tibetan Tattoo pictures, mantras and characters
Beautiful Tibetan Tattoos, mantra design and symbols. Tibetan script, words and asian tattoo art
Tibetan Tattoos Zodiac Symbols, Unique Libra Sign Tattoos, Twelve Sun Signs
Awesome Tibetan Tattoos Zodiac Symbols. Looking to get a tattoo of a gemini sign or another tattoo idea. Check this out, all 12 sun signs!
Tattoo Of A Gemini Sign, Tibetan Tattoos Design
Unique Tattoo Of A Gemini Sign; Be the first of your friends to get a unique Tibetan tattoos zodiac sign.
Tibet Issue The Panchen Lama, Where Is He?
Tibet Issue The Panchen Lama was kidnapped when he was only 6 years old by the Chinese government. They still refuse to talk about what they have done with him. Are child kidnappings acceptable?
Tattoo Lion Leo, Tibetan Translation, Tibetan Tattoos
Tibetan Tattoo Lion Leo or snowlion is another of our awesome free tattoos designs. Zodiac signs make fabulous small feminine tattoos!
Tibet Issue Interview, Students For A Free Tibet
Awesome new Tibet issue interview with students for a free Tibet executive director Tenzin Dorjee (Tendor).
Tibetan Tattoos Circle - Sacred Design Idea
Free Tibetan tattoos circle design of 'The temple of Jetsun Lhamo'. Gorgeous tattoo ideas and designs.
Tibetan Scarves, Tibetan Symbols
Tibetan Scarves, A symbol of respect, gratitude, affection or celebration.
Tibetan Genocide Continues
Tibetan genocide continues unabated as another new year approaches.
New Year Prayer For 2012
New Year Prayer For 2012. Tibetans offer prayers instead of celebrations this year.

Tashi Delek!

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