Tibetan Fox

Facts and Picture of the Beautiful Tibetan Fox


This colorful animal is also called a Sand Fox.

This is the most popular photo of the Tibetan fox on the web. It was posted on at least 15 different blogs!

Facts about Foxes...

What do they look like?

  • This animal is a rather small type of fox and is easily recognizable with their distinct square and broad head and small triangular ears set low on the head.

  • Their eyes are spaced far apart and set high on their foreheads. Their long, square muzzle is very broad in profile but narrow in width.

  • They have a very tiny black nose.

  • They are a rusty yellow color with gray sides and white on the face and underbelly.

  • They have acute hearing.

  • Their teeth are well-developed, especially the canines, which are longer than in most other foxes.

  • They have dense fur to protect them from high winds and snow.

Where do they live?

  • They live up on the plateau of Tibet and in the hills of Nepal and India, in altitudes up to 5300 m.

  • They live in pairs which hunt together.

  • Mating season is for a couple of months at the end of winter and after a gestation period of 50-60 days, 2-5 kits or cubs are born in a den.

  • The young stay with the parents until they are 8-10 months old then they go off into the great big world.

What do they eat?

  • They eat mostly rodents.

  • About 95% of their diet consists of the pika, a small black lipped relative of the rabbit that lives on the Tibetan Plateau.

  • Other prey items are insects, birds, hare, lizards, and marmot.

  • They will also feed on carrion (yuck!) and plants and fruits.

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