Tibet Almond Stick

Does this actually come from Tibet?

Somebody wrote to me and asked if the Tibet Almond Stick was from Tibet and if it was, from which region? I had never heard of this! So once again I rolled up my sleeves and did a little investigative work. It seems that this product is from the United States and I found no evidence of it originating from Tibet. Unless it's a secret recipe of some wandering nomad on a remote corner of the plateau.

So once again, I have found a product that has the label 'Tibet' or 'Tibetan' added to it to make it sound more exotic and marketable!

So what is it anyway...?

Tibet Almond Stick

The Stick is for removing scratches from antiques and all types of wood. Use it to fix superficial scratches on your wood, e.g., on pianos, desks, woodwork, etc., in the home or office, on mahogany, walnut, oak and many other fine finishes. Not recommended for gouges, deep scratches or use on bleached surfaces. One stick is good for 1,000 scratches. Packaged in attractive red metal can.

This unique product originated in 1908 in a small factory in Chicago Illinois. Great Grandpa Reed set out to produce a product that would have the same effect on a surface scratch as the meat of an almond. He knew that it was not always convenient to have almonds on hand, so he created a product that would blend the scratched area with the surrounding finish, just as an almond would do if rubbed on a scratch.

There, now you can tell your friends if they happen to ask you about this..!

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