Tibetan Yoga

We all know the terrific health benefits of yoga when done on a regular basis. Tibetan yoga is no exception. It helps to increase physical fitness, flexibility, circulation, patient and calmness. It decreases weight, anxiety and stress and helps to improve digestion, insomnia and balance, and gives an overall feeling of contentment.

Tibetan Yoga, you guessed it, originated somewhere on the Tibetan Plateau. There are many interesting types, there is something for everyone.

The Five Tibetan Exercises also known as the 5 Tibetan Rites/Rights or Rejuvenation Yoga is sometimes also called the lost fountain of youth!

Whatever you want to call it, it's amazing, I do it every day, love it and highly recommend it.

Check out the
top ten reasons to exercise and the benefits of physical exercise.

There are many other types of Tibetan Yoga like Yantra or Trul-kor yoga, dream yoga, kum nye and bodhi.

There is also information here about Hand yoga, Hand Yoga Videos and the answer to the question where did yoga originate. Soon to come will be information about laughing yoga, toe and chair yoga. I know that chair yoga is not particularly Tibetan but it's what I mainly teach and I like to talk about it!

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Exercise in a chair. Best yoga DVD for beginner.

Stretch Chair Yoga DVDs

Lama Lobsang from www.lamalobsang.com explains that Tsa lung Trul khor, or Yantra Yoga, comes from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is similar to both Hatha Yoga and Chi Gung. Ancient movements and postures, breathing exercises, mudras, and meditation techniques combine to circulate and rejuvenate the body's energy.

Yantra Yoga was originally taught in the 8th century AD by the Tibetan teacher Vairocana, a student of Guru Padmasambhava. It is based on the notion of trul-khor, or body mandala. Ancient movements and postures, breathing exercises, and mudras circulate and rejuvenate the body's energy. Tibetan meditation techniques, prostrations and mantras are taught for karma purification, elimination of negativity, and generating peace.

The practice of Yantra Yoga includes use of body, speech and mind: the positions and movements work the body, the breathing practices and chanting use the voice, and the visualizations and meditations engage the mind. The result is a holistic and meditative exercise.

Here is a very interesting trul-kor yoga video online for your viewing pleasure...

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Stretch Chair Yoga DVDs

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Free Yoga Exercises

Visit Eternity-Yoga.com, a site for beginners and advanced practitioners. Learn Intermediate/Advanced and Beginner Poses, Meditation and Pranayama techniques.

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