Hand Yoga

Hand Exercises And Mudra Hand Gestures

There are many different types of hand yoga that can be done from gentle warm up exercises for arthritis and osteoporosis, relieving computer strain and carpel tunnel syndrome to ancient hand mudras or gestures to relieve just about everything else! You can also do exercises with hand weights or balls.

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In the chair yoga classes I teach, I have quite a few people with arthritis. Every class begins with gentle hand and wrist warm up exercises. First we stretch out the arms in front of us and flex both hands up to the ceiling then back to center then flex them down towards the floor. We do that about 6 times.

Then we do a wonderful movement for arthritis that one of the dear ladies swear has helped her tremendously. While keeping the arms extended out in front, close the fingers around the thumb and squeeze gently then open the fists and flex the fingers upwards. We do this about 6 or 7 times.

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Then we make a loose fist, rotate the wrists gently in a circle about 7 times then rotate the other way.

We then do some fabulous chinese acupressure exercises or hand massage that stimulate the nadis or energy channels. These hand exercises are excellent for arthritis and stiff joints. It's hard to describe these accurately. I will make a video of them soon and post it here.

Basic mudra hand gestures are described in this wonderful alternative health video.

Acharya Vikramaditya has been a practitioner of yoga for most of his life.

Three Hand Mudras to Rejuvenate You:
By Carole Fogarty,
Editor of Rejuvenation Lounge

1 - Hand Yoga For Liver and Better Digestion:

Create a fist with your fingers, resting the thumb on the ring (fourth) finger. This mudra is believed to activate the liver and stomach energy for better digestion and elimination. It is recommended that you practice for 15 minutes each day.

2 - Hand Yoga To Release Tension:

Curl the index finger into the base of the thumb. Now bring the tips of your middle and ring (fourth) fingers to the top of your thumb. The tips of your thumb, ring and index fingers are all touching. Your little finger is stretched out flat. Bring your elbows close to the side of your waist. Close your eyes, focus on soft breathing into your belly and relax.

3 - Hand Yoga to release toxic emotions & open the flow of energy to your heart:

I recently learned this particular hand mudra from a Deepak Chopra newsletter. It is called the kapittahaka mudra. I’ve been practicing it for five minutes every morning and am keen to see what changes I notice over the next few weeks.

Sit comfortably. Tuck your ring (fourth) and little fingers inside your palms. Rest your thumbs over the tucked fingers. Keep the index and middle fingers next to each other and extended. Hold your elbows in toward your body. Focus on your breath and allow your body to do the rest.

This video shows five free and hand grip exercises for relieving hand and finger pain. This just may be the hand yoga that you are looking for.

Watch more Hand Yoga Videos here.

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