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I received my hatha yoga teacher training and certification in Kerala, South India and am registered with Yoga Alliance.

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Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki 
In today’s modern society full of technological advancements and numerous conveniences not available for previous generations, our society is surprisingly …

Five Tibetan Exercises Speed 
Hi Patricia, I just want to say that i liked your tibetan five rights video very much. I have watched many on youtube. Some people are doing really …

Warm Up Exercise 
Hi Patricia and Namaste, I have been looking for sometimes on the web on videos that demonstrate the 5 Tibetan rites. I feel obliged to tell you, …

Five Tibetan Exercises weight loss 
Hi Patricia, I saw your video with you doing the 5 Tibetan yoga exercises, great! You look healthy and skinny, is that from just doing yoga?? If …

Yoga Symbols 
In order to understand the culture from which yoga has come from the Hindu Dieties. Many yoga teachers and practitioners are not practicing Hindus, but …

Five Tibetan Yogas -about 4th exercise Not rated yet
Hi, Can I do "shell stretch" before doing 4th exercise? 'cause this is my first week so specially 4th exercise is difficult to me. I think that if …

Five Tibetan Yogas Make Me Feel Great Not rated yet
I have been doing these exersises and it makes me feel great. Can i combine these exercises with some other exercises Hi, Yes, absolutely. …

Five Tibetan Yoga Safety Not rated yet
Two years ago I damaged the 1st lombaire . Do you think it is safe for me to do the 5 exercises ? 2 years ago I damaged the lombaire and I wear a corset/belt …

The Practice of Healing And Faith in the Higher Purpose of Love. Not rated yet
Hello you beautiful beacons, I just wanted to put this to you if you have or are about to become a practitioner in the wonderful art of healing. If …

Five Tibetan Exercises Not rated yet
Namaste, I would like to know what exactly the first of the five tibetan exercises does to our body/mind system. What are the specific effects of spinning, …

Anusara Yoga Not rated yet
Neesha is a Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor. This form of Hatha yoga, developed by John Friend, is a combination of life affirming philosophy and balanced …

History of Laughing Yoga Not rated yet
History Of Laughter Yoga In March 1995 Dr. Madan Kataria, a family physician from Mumbai, India, decided to write an article called "Laughter - …

Top Ten Reasons to Exercise Not rated yet
These are my Top ten reasons to exercise... 1. To feel better about yourself. 2. To help prevent diabetes. 3. To begin a new life. 4. …

Best Stretching Routines Not rated yet
This is not a question but I have a different view on what the best stretching routines are; open your mind and take a minute... This is an interesting …

Is Modern Day Yoga Just Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly? Not rated yet
What is Yoga today? In Yoga history, we see that it was based on spirituality, which included believing in relying on rishises to teach how to live …

Five Tibetan Exercises Translation Not rated yet
Tibetan Yantra Yoga and the Five Rites I am interested in history the origins of the Five Tibet Rites and practice them two years. Please, …

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