Five Tibetan Exercises Translation

by Yevgen

Tibetan Yantra Yoga and the Five Rites

I am interested in history the origins of the Five Tibet Rites and practice them two years.

Please, translate the inscription from Tibetan under my picture. Have you any materials about the origins of the Five Tibet Rites or the relations with Tibetan Yantra Yoga? What book you recommends in practice?

With kind regards and I am sorry for my bad English. :)

Dear Yevgen,

Here is an approximate translation of the Tibetan script. There are two mistakes in the last line so this translation is not complete or accurate. It is merely describing how to do the cobra and downward dog poses as shown in the above pictures:

"Hold strongly the upper body flexible like a snake.

The sound of 'ha' is cut off as the arms stretch.

Balance with the arms straight and head down.

Heels steady like a dog?..."
(two mistakes are here)

I recommend Peter Kelder's "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth". There are two books. Kelder first gives a detailed history of the Tibetan rejuvenation yoga then tells you how to get started and how to build up repetitions slowly.

He gives great tips for doing the exercises safely, and alternate ways to do them when you are just starting out and not flexible or strong enough to do them fully yet. Kelder's second book has more detail but the first book will get you started.

You can also look at: "The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power" by Christopher Kilham. He also talks about the 7 chakras, kundalini and there is a section on proper breathing as well.

I love this little book.

You can find them all and a few other books here:

As I mentioned before, I do the five Tibetan exercises (almost!) everyday. They only take about 12 minutes with warm up exercises and help to keep me fit, slim, strong and flexible. And they have also improved my energy level! Also good for people who don't like to exercise to much or need to use exercise as stress relief and relaxation.

When someone asks me why should people exercise or why is exercise or physical fitness important, these are my top answers!

I am just learning about Yantra yoga myself and will most likely put up a page soon.

All the best,
Patricia from Tibetan Life

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