Tibetan Reiki

Does it actually come from Tibet?

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Reiki is actually made up of two Japanese words REI meaning "Universal"or "Spiritual" and KI meaning "Energy".

Reiki works on the body's natural ability to heal itself, finding it's way to where it is needed. Working on a holistic and spiritual level, it releases blocked energies, encourages toxins to be discarded from the body and creates a state of balance.

Wandering around the web, i discovered that there are now hundreds of different kinds of Reiki, from ‘Love and peace alignment’ to 'Plum blossom energy bath’ and ‘Rainbow angel journey’!

It seems like anyone who has learned a bit of Reiki has developed their own new and special brand.

I found many types of 'Tibetan Reiki’ also: Energetics, Tschen Li, Wei Chi, Tantric Medicine Buddha Tradition, Tantric Vihara, Vajra, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Jinlap Maitri Tantric, Tathagata Wisdom and Jinlap Maitri Tantric , Tathagata Wisdom and Tibetan Soul Star Reiki .

Adding the word Tibetan in the title these days would certainly create more mystery and interest I would think.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I practice reiki myself and think that it is a wonderful natural way to help heal people...but after years of quietly treating my husband for his back pain (from torture in the chinese prisons) he one day asked me what the heck I was doing! I patiently explained and was amazed when he said that he had never heard of such a thing and that it was not Tibetan at all! I insisted that he check with everyone he knew. He did just that and then reported that not one person in exile or in Tibet had ever heard of it either.

Some methods explain that the Tibetan concept of the five elements relating to 'initiation’ are used along with chakra alignment and some other methods say that they use Tibetan Reiki symbols. The history is very unclear as to where and when these symbols came into use or if the founders of these various traditions had ever visited Tibet themselves.

There is also no record of the Japanese founder Mikao Usui ever having traveled to Tibet.

Anyway, I say that as long as the methods are beneficial and helping people, what does it matter what they are called...

The origin of all the healing symbols is not clear but in the beginning they were kept secret. The students had to memorize the pictures or images and then not keep anything written down. Apparently one master revealed them to the world and they are now available to the public.

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