Basic Beliefs of Buddhism

What is Buddhism? Is Buddhism a Religion?

Yes, Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world but it is also an incredible living philosophy that can benefit oneself and others in daily life. It’s ideas are as useful and beneficial today as they were in ancient India 2500 years ago.

Basic Beliefs of Buddhism

Buddhism has taught me how to be happy and has changed my life for the better.

As Buddhism spread from country to country over the years, the look and feel changed according to local customs and traditions but the basic beliefs remained the same. Read about the

brief history of Buddhism and

the four noble truths.

The basic beliefs of Buddhism and philosophy are very simple really. Because we have an incorrect understanding of the way things really exist and the temporary nature of all things, we cling to impermanent things and people that eventually disintegrate and ultimately disappoint us and make us unhappy.

For example, a new love is an exciting experience, everybody should be so lucky! But, if we really check, is this person actually what we think they are or are we projecting an imagined idea of what we think they are onto them. After the honeymoon period of delirious happiness subsides, we start to see things about our love that we didn’t quite notice before. Did they always throw their underwear on the floor or is this a nasty new habit? Little quirks that seemed cute before now are a bit annoying. Has your new sweetie changed or are we now seeing them more clearly, without our projection, our ideas getting in the way?

When the relationship ends as it one day has to, we are shocked and wonder what happened as they said they would love us forever.

How is forever possible when everything is just a moving mass of energy? When everything including ourselves is changing moment by moment. Impermanence is one of the basic beliefs of buddhism.

This very simple mistake is our biggest mistake, is the main reason for our unhappiness. We become attached to people and things that are temporary and are surprised, hurt and depressed when they change, not understanding that they have never, ever stop changing.

Once we understand that all is impermanent and changing moment by moment and that things are not at all the way we think they becomes easier and more enjoyable...guaranteed.

This is what I have learned.

This is, of course, only one of the major basic beliefs of Buddhism but I believe it to be the most important at the beginning. “If we examine the nature of reality deeply, using certain techniques such as meditation, and cultivate love and compassion for all beings, we will discover the true nature of reality.” Sound hard? As my teacher used to say, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. So it is the same in Buddhism, you start where you are and move into a more positive place step by step.

I have never thought of myself as a very ‘religious’ person but as far as religions go, I think this philosophy has an amazing gift to offer this crazy world and we need to check it out.

The Tibetan religion is Buddhism and has the same basic beliefs.

Here is a good selection of more Buddhist information:

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