Five Tibetan Exercises weight loss

by Barb

Hi Patricia,
I saw your video with you doing the 5 Tibetan yoga exercises, great!
You look healthy and skinny, is that from just doing yoga??

If it is, count me in! (if not, any advice to share?)

Hi Barb,

Thank-you very much for the compliments. I'm so happy that you liked the video. I am making a Five Tibetan Exercises DVD soon and can let you know when it's available if you like.

Yes, practicing Yoga does keep me healthy and fit. I try to do some yoga every day. I also practice Sivananda hatha yoga and do all the exercises when I teach chair yoga classes.

Eating healthy and nutritious food is also very important. I eat small frequent meals. (mostly raw food but I can understand that not everyone is into that!) Eating a very large dinner at night is really not such a good idea. It's hard on the body to digest so much at once and you become too tired to do anything other than become a couch potato. I know this from direct experience!

One secret to keep off weight I have learned is to drink a medium size glass of water right before a meal. This way you become fuller faster! Practiced on a daily basis, combined with healthy food choices and exercise will help anyone to lose weight. Not fast but at a steady pace. Fast weight loss diet plans are a myth!

There are many weight loss systems and programs on the market these days. The best system is to change your dietary habits slowly for the long term and find an exercise that you really enjoy. This is the most effective and healthy approach.

Another weight loss tip is that when you want to have a snack during a good movie sometime is to only take a few cookies or chips with you to the couch and not the whole bag! If you do break down and go for seconds then at least you have to get off the couch and cross the room to get more!

I hope these tips help. If you have any other questions about yoga, fitness or weight loss, just ask!

Have a great day!

Patricia from Tibetan Life

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