Warm Up Exercise

by Yaja
(United States)

Hi Patricia and Namaste,

I have been looking for sometimes on the web on videos that demonstrate the 5 Tibetan rites.

I feel obliged to tell you, that your demonstration is by far, the best that I have seen: Simple, accurate and with energy & rhythm.

First, thank you so much!

Second, I am interested to know your warm-up routine prior to the 5 tibetans (I developed my own but I am interested to learn from others experience.

Third, looking at your site, you look better and younger in the video than in your previous pictures in Tibet.

Take care and enjoy your life!

Dear Yaja,

Wow! So many compliments, thank-YOU so much!

A few people have asked about what warm up exercise I do so I thought I would make a page on here for others to see as well.

I have put the 'Five Tibetan Exercises' video at the bottom of the page for easy reference.

I've learned first hand that some kind of warm up exercise is very important for yoga as with any kind of physical exercise program. The muscles need to be warmed up and stretched slowly and gently!

Usually I start by stretching the whole body from head to toe. I then swing slowly from side to side with my arms stretched out and rotate my shoulders backwards and forwards. I slowly and carefully do a standing forward bend for a few minutes then a few variations of sitting forward bend.

I then do 3 to 6 rounds of Sun Salutations. This gets the whole body warmed up and ready for the five Tibetan rites. This is why warm up exercise is so very important. Best never to jump in directly to any exercise!

I hoped this has helped!

Take care,
Patricia from Tibetan Life

Video of the Five Rites
Tibetan rejuvenation yoga

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