Best Stretching Routines

by Santosh
(Bangalore, India)

This is not a question but I have a different view on what the best stretching routines are; open your mind and take a minute...

This is an interesting topic which everybody likes and wants to practice in their day to day life. Routine has two faces; one is external and another one is internal.

According to me if we start our day by waking up early in the morning around 4 AM and finish our ablutions and sit for meditation for at least one and half hour. Then do some warming up stretching and go for a 2 Km walk and finish your bath after returning.

After finish your breakfast do your preferred work with utmost dedication as equal as doing prayer in the church for eight hours. Do work for eight hour from morning to evening is a very important part where many people loses their composure. Doing work with utmost sincerity and dedication will give energy and enthusiasm to finish the day with a smile.

In the evening, if we have time we can do a little warming up stretching and go for a short walk in the twilight or relax yourself by hearing melodious music. Then we have to spend an hour in meditation followed by reading books to our likings for thirty minutes.

After our evening dinner, we should spend an hour with our family members discussing topics which everybody likes and interested. Before sleep, we have to pray for ten minutes to God for his guidance in the future also.

The best stretching everyday routine has two faces, one is external which has mentioned above. The internal routine is to keep the mind calm always to follow the routines with happy and enthusiastic mood. Routine differs person to person, but in its core some common points have been discussed above.

Finally, routines should give happy and prosperous life then the routine is Best Stretching Routine.

Thanking you for taking a minute...

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