The Practice of Healing And Faith in the Higher Purpose of Love.

by RAY

Higher Purpose Of Love

Higher Purpose Of Love

Hello you beautiful beacons,

I just wanted to put this to you if you have or are about to become a practitioner in the wonderful art of healing. If so, what has brought you to the journey? How is your life changing as a result of this? There seems to be many more healers about today since I began and i feel we are creating a vehicle for others.

I sense that a shift is occuring in the world although there is so much chaos and conflict around us, i feel many of us have come to our paths at exactly the correct moment, and are about to partake in a profoundley important process i am sure many of you already know about the coming galactic crossing we are about to undergo.

Do you ever feel that you are being compelled to or have been sent people you feel you want to "wake up" in some way or be awakend by?

If you are going through this process at the moment, you could be acting as a gateway for some of them as i have found recently after realiseing that we are moving into the collective self where seperation is no longer possible from any thing and we can begin to expearience the self as an omnipresent omnipotent being.

Please look up the meanings of these words to get more insight.
The way this occurs to me is like an echo of the many souls who have been praying for change and renewal so long hoping to heal and end the chaos we are now going through and creating the code for a new existance/rebirth.

I have recently felt very strongly that the purpose of healing although a trend for some at this time will reveal a many layered significance for our future evolution and intergration, as i am begining to realise that when we heal others the effects are interdimentonal and motivate growth beyond the mind.

i now recognise healing as form sacred prayer to the higher presance that dwells within us all. Maybe that's why some people have used the phrase "faith healers" to describe what we do as i beleve this is about demonstrating profound love and sacred regard to the presence of the light being/divine self when healing in the flesh of man/woman.

Please become as your brothers/sisters keeper and way to the light

With much sacred love to you all we are one in absolution.


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