Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki

by D. Sanderson
(Houston, Texas)

In today’s modern society full of technological advancements and numerous conveniences not available for previous generations, our society is surprisingly extremely stressed and unhealthy. One would expect medicine breakthroughs and a plethora of inventions that make life easier to have a positive effect on our civilization but alas it has had the opposite effect all together. Because of the hectic nature of today’s fast paced world where results are expected instantaneously and individual’s itineraries are jam packed and synched to their mobile phones for functional reasons, people have begun leaning towards artificially created methods of finding happiness and peace within their lives as it takes little time and effort although this pseudo tranquility is only a synthetic falsehood masking underlying issues.

Instead of using natural techniques to find harmony, tranquility and balance within their lives, people are increasingly turning to prescription medicines and overly priced therapy sessions. Instead of relying on these man-made temporary fixes for happiness, one needs only to look back into history and study the behaviors and practices of their ancestors to find the answers to their problems. An example of these long lost techniques would be that of Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki.

Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki is a spiritual practice that has been utilized for thousands of years by Tibetan monks in order to transfer healing energy or Ki from one individual to another via the palms of the hands. The word Reiki itself is comprised of two Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki”. Rei means “The Higher Power” and “Ki” means “Life Force energy”. Although the practice itself is millennia old, it was lost to time for a long period and was only recently discovered again in 1922 when a passerby and shaman named Mikao Usui stopped at a Tibetan monastery and was given the secrets to the eastern practice over the course of 21 days. After the 21 days have culminated, the shaman left the monastery and went to teach the world the secrets to health and happiness known as Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki.

The philosophy and practice of Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki is dissimilar to most philosophical practices as it has no inherent religious belief system underlying it. The goal of the practice is to reach enlightenment and the health properties and happiness/tranquility that come with this are thought of as positive side effects of one’s journey to enlightenment. It has been successfully used to bring about clarity of the mind, overall health of the body as well as harmony within one’s life through the process of transferring positive Ki energy through the hands as the Ki itself has an inherent intelligence and is able to dictate and perceive where issues lie.

The training that goes along with the process itself is broken up into 3 separate degrees of proficiency with the first degree leading to the student ascertaining the ability to heal themselves and others, the second degree gaining them the ability to heal others from a distance and the third degree allowing the student to become a Master and teach the secret techniques to others.

The five principles of Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki are that of- Do not be angry, Do not worry, Be grateful, Work with diligence, and Be kind to people. These five tenets of the practice were drafted by Mikao Usui himself and are somewhat derived from the Buddhist teachings of Tibet itself. The principles of Wei chi Tibetan Reiki as well as the inherent health and life benefits of the practice make it an excellent alternative to current western thought processes of medicating issues instead of solving them. If you truly want to be happy with yourself on an in depth level, Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki is one of many methods that will help you in your journey of procurement.

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