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Aug 03, 2011
Wei chi/ushi ryoho reiki
by: raysource

Hi and many thanks for this great article i have been a reiki healer for 5 years as well as using other methods of healing IE kahuna massage have noticed that on occation there have seen and felt a
presence with me on occations others that i have healed with have also seen and felt this and said they could see a "tibetan monk figure"i have also discussed this with a grand master of reiki and after some questions about how the energy of this presence felt he said that i was becoming like a portal as a proccess of light expansion was unfolding at this time (2008) and some healers were begining a process of ascension work and would recive direct assistance from the "master healers"
in order to assist some people into soulful awakening and that has that has been the outcome in 50% of the healing i have undertaken.

I have recently come accross articals like yours about this lost knowledge and begun to wonder if this entity was the same presence who has guided me on so many occasions, other sensitive people have said they have felt that i have a "powerful presence around" in my last nine healing sessions
i have not applied hands on reki but have worked at a distance of about a foot yet my, clients have insisted that they could feel my hands touching them, this is affecting much deeper aspects of the persons being and tends to have profound effects on the lives of some people,others seem to be taking journeys to another universe during a treatment and have some very interesting stories ,so once again thank you for your artical i feel i have come accross some valuble information that may offer a little more insight into who has been responable for some of these happenings untill now did not know of a name for this guide but i am 90 % cetain they relate to wei chi as i heard the suggstion a year ago to "take hands off when healig "during a session and from that point had some great effects.

anyone out there have any simular experences to share?
sacred regard to u all manasionce.

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