Five Tibetan Exercises Speed

by Melissa
(Colorado, USA)

Hi Patricia,

I just want to say that i liked your tibetan five rights video very much. I have watched many on youtube. Some people are doing really fast and other people are doing really slow so I am real confused! Which way is good? Can you please help?

Thank-you for your video which looks more like the correct way I think.

From Melissa in freezing Colorado

Dear Melissa,

I have also seen these videos; some too fast and one in particular, way too slow!

Being a Buddhist, I usually like to take the middle way approach, not too fast and not too slow!

Being a yoga teacher, I know that yoga asanas or exercises should never be done so quickly but always gently and mindfully in co-ordination with the breath.

And also, being a bit of a skeptic, I don't quite buy into a recent video claiming that new evidence has come to light stating that the five Tibetan exercises or 5 rites should be done very, very slowly! You would need to have a very high level of physical fitness or least terrific abs to do 21 of each of the Tibetans that slowly!

Everyone needs to try out these fantastic rites for themselves and eventually discover their own pace, efficient but safe. That's what I did.

I hope that this answers your question alright. If you have any other questions about Tibetan yoga or anything else Tibetan, please just ask, I am very happy to help!

Take care,
Patricia from Tibetan Life

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