Hand Yoga Videos

Mudra Hand Gestures And Exercises

Here are a few favorite hand yoga videos with finger, grip and hand exercises as well as mudras for your viewing pleasure.

There are many different types of hand yoga that can be done from gentle warm up exercises for arthritis and osteoporosis, relieving computer strain and carpel tunnel syndrome to ancient hand mudras or gestures to relieve just about everything else! You can also do exercises with hand weights or balls.

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Here is a short and informative yoga video talking about mudra hand gestures. It is a bit difficult to understand so thank goodness there are subtitles!

It talks about how hand mudras work.

Stretch Chair Yoga DVDs

Take a look at this easy way to begin to help any trouble with your hands or wrists (joint pain, aches in palms, stiffness, carpal tunnel, etc.), and increase sensitivity.

This increased sensitivity in your hands is a good way to improve your ability to heal self and others... also another good way to further develop focus and relaxation as well as tap into energy oneness!

Learn about the five Tibetan exercises here or the answer to 'Where did Yoga originate' here.

Here is another video from the wonderful Yoga master Acharya Vikramaditya.

He is such a delight to watch!

His first video can be found here on the Hand Yoga page.

It is done to generate heat in the body, control thirst and to generate new ideas!

Sounds like something I could definitely use!

Stretch Chair Yoga DVDs


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