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Tibetan Tattoos 'Eternal' translated into two tattoo lettering fonts. Tibetan script makes for beautiful symbols for guys or girls!

Here is another Tibetan Tattoos translation for the word 'Eternal' - existing at all times without change; immutable. This time it's written in two different Tibetan tattoo lettering fonts so Tom, my client could have a choice. Please read his letter below the translation...

Tom's is one of the tattoo names that will be featured in the next Tibetan Life newsletter. Sign up today and I may translate and feature you in the next one!

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I'm from Liverpool, England. I work with people who have learning disabilities and have done this for 14yrs. I taught Horticulture and then switched to Computers with them, which they love doing.

I have recently just had a tattoo on the right underside of my right wrist. I just had the word Love inscribed. Powerful word to me!

I would appreciate if you could do Tibetan tattoos translation for the word Eternal as i think this would be nice on my left wrist. I had a friend who took up Buddhism awhile ago now and this is the center she's at or was http://www.meditationinliverpool.org.uk/DKBC/index.html

I know of the cause and the treatment from China towards Tibet. I've just read your website profile and enjoyed reading it. I will pass by your website from time to time.

Love and Peace


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