Local Volunteer Work In
Dharamsala India

by Eric

Volunteer Tibet in Dharamsala, India

Volunteer Tibet in Dharamsala, India


I am a 20 year old American who was born in and lives in Japan. My family does a lot of volunteer work and I am used to working with people from many cultures.

All of the people around me are university graduates and place a lot of emphasis on education - and I think that is great, but I don't know if it is for me. I want to find my calling... so I would like to volunteer to work on a community project that brings help and comfort to people.

I want to work with my hands, with my strength. I am not a rich person, I have to have a minimal wage and housing. I am sure that I can get a sponsor to provide airfare from among my friends in Japan.

Do you have any ideas?


Dear Eric,

I don't know about paid positions but there are a lot of volunteer jobs that provide room and board and sometimes a small stipend.

I was volunteering in Dharamsala, India for the last 5 years at a beautiful meditation center. The stipend wasn't a lot but you don't need much money in India to live well.

Check out the following web site called Volunteer Tibet at www.volunteertibet.org. Here you can find all the opportunities in Dharamsala in one place. There are also other web sites, list of volunteer organizations and local volunteer work.

There are opportunities to work with kids, teens, and monks/nuns. Teaching English, computers or building.

The Tibetan people are wonderful to work with and show their appreciation heartily. Take a look for job descriptions and locations.

When people wonder why do people volunteer I just tell them that it was a great experience, sense of satisfaction and such a pleasure to help other people. Isn't that why we are here?

Take care Eric,
Patricia from Tibetan Life

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