Local Volunteer Work In India

by Varun

Dear Madame,

Tashi Delek.

I am Varun, studying masters in computer sciences at college in Hyderabad, India. Recently, I have lost much of my interest in this highly material world around me. I learnt a little about Buddhism in 'religion and cultural society of India' course at my college. I very much like it and would like to know and practice more of it.

Recently, I visited Dharamsala on a 10-day trip and stayed at Tse-ChokLing Monastry. I am very much impressed by the compassion that the monks and other Tibetans have. I also liked the simple life they are leading. I am planning to learn about Tibetan Buddhism along with Tibetan cultural values. I think, it would be very good if I can learn Tibetan cultural values while volunteering and staying with Tibetan people. Actually, I am planning this for a long term. That is, I am actually planning to stay for about an year or two in Dharamsala and learn Buddhism and Tibetan culture.

I have a very good computer sciences background and have good knowledge of English, Maths, Physics and some other basic subjects. Since, I am planning to stay longer, I am looking for free boarding and lodging as I can not pay for them.

Can you please let me know if there are any such volunteer opportunities available?

Thukje Chey,

with kind regards,


Dear Varun,

There are a lot of volunteer jobs in 'little Lhasa' or Dharamsala, that provide room and board and sometimes a small stipend.

Please look at the following web site called 'Volunteer Tibet' at www.volunteertibet.org. Here you can find all the opportunities in Dharamsala in one place. There are also other web sites, list of volunteer organizations and local volunteer work.

There are many opportunities to work with children, teens, and monks/nuns. Teaching English, computers or building. I think that your skills would be greatly appreciated.

The Tibetan people are wonderful to work with and you will learn all about Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan cultural values as well. Take a look for job descriptions and locations.

When people wonder why do people volunteer I just tell them that it was a great experience, sense of satisfaction and such a pleasure to help other people. Isn't that why we are here?

Take care,
Patricia from Tibetan Life

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