My first tattoo experience.

by Karen
( Santa Cruz, California)

My Sweet Tibetan Tattoo!

My Sweet Tibetan Tattoo!

I had always wanted to get a nice tattoo but my parents were dead against it! I have always been a bit rebellious so of course I went ahead behind their backs and did it! (please don't tell them!)

So i like didn't know where to go and there are lots and lots on the internet. But a friend of mine went to a pretty good place and he was pretty happy with his so i thought why not and I went.

I always liked the Tibetan language because its so pretty and i wanted something beautiful, first i wanted Om mani padmey hum but it was too expensive so i got 'Lamo' written on my arm. This means 'goddess'! I really love it so much!

Take a look, what do you think? I hope you love it tooooo!
ps-it didnt hurt too bad!

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