My Tibetan Tattoo

by L.J Nguyen
(Melbourne, Australia)

Best tatt I have

Best tatt I have

I got two quotes done in Tibetan, one on each side of my Ribs.
This one says "What does not kill you will make you stronger"
Gosh I was in so much pain had to take a break after the first one for 20mins but 2nd one was ok. It's so worth the pain I love it.

I got it designed in China then got the tattoo done over here in Melbourne Australia. The tattoo artist loved the designed he wanted to keep it up I said I don't want people having the same thing. So I took the design with me.

The other one I have is "Learn from yesterday Live for today hope for tomorrow"
Now I'm thinking getting another one but don;t know where and what as yet.

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