Sanskrit Tattoos

by Swami Ramaraaja

Swami Tattoos

Swami Tattoos

I am a Swami.

Two years ago after living a life dedicated to the path of Self-Realization I was led to get a series of tattoos in Sanskrit and Yantras of prayers and Gods/Deities names for the purpose of protection and spiritual development. Over the course of two years I received nine tattoos.

After receiving each tattoo I felt more myself. I was also led to dye my hair a dark color. After this transformation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I took the title of Swami permanently which is a life commitment to the path of Self-Realization and Contemplation.

I live in the west and get both positive and negative attention, even when others know that they are for spiritual commitment and transformation.

My name is Swami Ramaraaja. I am woman holy person, an author and spiritual teacher. I reside in the United States.

Peace and Blessings,
Swami Ramaraaja

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