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Monthly Payment Option

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For the first time ever, SiteSell is offering a monthly payment option for SBI!. Why?

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

Unlike Web hosts, SBI! builds e-businesses instead of merely providing space for a site or blog. A site or blog is just a place of business. People confuse "place of business" with "doing business."

Anyone can blog or put up a site. But it takes commitment to build a business that generates significant income and that builds long-term equity (i.e., value when you sell it).

We have always felt that a Site Build It monthly payment model reduces that commitment to the level of paying a phone bill. Every aspect of SBI! is about your e-business success, so we have never offered a monthly payment option. Until now.The Monthly Payment Option

In recent months, an unusually high number of people have requested a monthly subscription. Clearly motivated, they recognize SBI! as their best chance to move ahead and regain control.

Given these economic times, we are offering a monthly payment model for a limited period. If a yearly payment of $299 is too much for your budget right now, take the monthly option of $29.99.

Please remember, though...

Give your business the same respect and commitment as if you had purchased the yearly subscription. Commit as fiercely to your future.

If you work the SBI! process, you will be successful. When your e-business is generating sufficient income, switch to the yearly subscription (and save $60/year).

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

Question: What happens when SiteSell stops offering the monthly payment option?

Answer: Those who purchase under this program may, of course, renew monthly for as long as they like.

Make a successful online business and eventually quit your day job. For more info, click here.

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