Tibetan Confusion

by F.

Dear Patricia,

I have read many articles on Tibet lately and am becoming very concerned about its situation. I myself am a devout Buddhist, and therefore don't like what has happened to many monks in Tibet.

However those things I read from the web really makes me confused. it's not only bad things about Chinese government I find, but also about His Holiness the Dalai Lama, such as his persecution on dorje shugden followers and i don't need to go to chinese source for that. things that vexed me the most is this article:

Since you understand Tibetan people better than me, that's for sure, having lived with them for such a long time, I really want to know your opinion on this to help clarify my confusion. My question is is tibet really a better place before the Chinese invasion? Or is it not?

Regards, and Hope to hear your reply!!!!

P.S. I understand about your excitement towards Tibetans, I like them very much as well. Personally the ones that I know are only the monks in my monastery and the tour guide i interact with through email. They are so optimistic, sincere, down to earth, and direct. I have never met persons with such positive, innocent, yet strong spirit before. It amazes me.

Hi F,

Yes, I agree with you. Tibetan people are quite amazing. They have lost so much yet remain strong and hopeful. Here is a link for you below that I believe clarifies the Dorje Shugden issue. After much investigation His Holiness saw that this diety would cause more harm than good. He is only trying to protect his people but he can only do that if they listen to him.

Tibet, before the Chinese invasion, had many flaws like any society, this is true. The Chinese government invaded Tibet to get their hands on the land and resources but are telling the world that they are helping the Tibetans. This is not true. Yes, there have been material improvements in Tibet but it clearly only benefits the Chinese people who moved to Tibet. The Tibetans mostly need their freedom to practice Buddhism and the Dalai Lama to be happy. The Chinese communist government will never understand this.

There are always two sides (or more) to every issue. Please read that article and more on the FPMT web site and decide for yourself. I believe that His Holiness has a pure motivation.

I hope that I have helped a little,
Take care and have a great day,
Patricia From Tibetan Life

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