Tibetan Rap Singers

by Richard Moody
(Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom)

Namgyal Yeshi

He is known as NamgyalRapper and he has also become a good friend too. He frequently raps for the free Tibet cause and also has his own rug repairing business http://www.yeshirugrepair.com/

Here is his bio from the NamgyelRapper web site:

Namgyal Yeshi currently resides in New York City where he is also an active member of the Tibetan Youth Congress of NY and NJ. He was introduced to the lyrical power of rap by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. Encouraged to tell the story of Tibet while spreading awareness of the Tibetan cause, Namgyal had introduced a rising tide in political activism in the form of rap art.

Born in Kham, Tibet, Namgyal happily reminisces on his childhood growing up within a traditional nomadic family. At the same time, he recounts the presence of heavy Chinese influence and iron fisted rule in Tibet.

The inspiration for his rap tracks comes from the prospect of an independent Tibet with justice restored. His tracks lyrically illustrate the injustice Tibetan people endure on a daily basis under Chinese rule.

The catchy instrumentals and rap verses become rap pleas that serve as a haunting reminder of the endangered Tibetan culture and population. It is then that it becomes clear that Namgyal's ultimate message to his audience is to stand together for Tibet.

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Feb 28, 2010
Tibetan Rap Singers Rock!
by: Mike Shade

Yeah, I saw this guy rapping in New York. He was way cool! So sad what's happening in his country but what a cool way to get across his message to the younger people by rapping!

Best of luck to you man and all the Tibetan people. I would like to go to Tibet one day and see for myself what is going on.

I also want to go see the lama monks doing meditation and yoga way up in the Tibetan caves! I will send lots of pictures!
free tibet!


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