Tibetan Recipes Cooking Classes

Learn To Cook Delicious Tibetan food!

Tibetan food is delicious and nutritious! Come and take lessons to learn how to make Tibetan recipes like momos; meat, vegetarian, momos in soup and fried momos. You can also learn to create Tibetan noodle soup recipes called thentuk, tukpa or gyatuk.

Also learn an ancient recipe for Tibetan sweet rice that is usually only served on very special occasions like new year and long life ceremonies. Butter tea goes down with this nicely...

Do you live in or near Toronto? Come and learn how to make delicious food from the Tibetan plateau!

Tibetan Food Recipes

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Come and take some basic cooking lessons while having fun. Tibetan people in general are fun loving and happy. They really enjoy eating and these two Tibetan Buddhist ex-monks are delighted to share their joy and knowledge with you!

If you live in or near Toronto, come for these exciting and easy to learn vegetarian and not so vegetarian cooking lessons!

Make your full payment here or 50% to secure your spot. Balance to be paid upon arrival. Space is limited.

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Check out these two free online cooking lessons...

Vegetarian Tibetan Momo Recipe

Tibetan Meat Momos Recipes

Tibetan Translation Tee shirts make cool gifts while showing support for Tibet...

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