Tibetan Singing Bowls Videos

A variety of videos of Tibetan Singing Bowls
for your viewing pleasure!

After watching these Tibetan Singing Bowls Videos you will see that they are not difficult to learn how to play. Take a good look at these videos and then practice makes perfect!

This is my favorite of all the Tibetan Singing Bowls Videos that I have watched. Check it out and see why...

It sounds beautiful to accompany the sacred mantra Om Mani Padme Hum with a bowl or any of the other mantras you like. Bowls are also used in the 7 chakra meditation and other such meditations.

Some people also use them in Feng Shui, yoga, sound massage or play them as a regular music instrument in a band or to just relax deeply.

By rubbing singing bowls with a wooden or leather wrapped singing bowl striker while the singing bowl rests in your palm, the rim of the singing bowl vibrates to produce a calming sound (or hum). Each singing bowl comes with a striker or beater(the stick for playing the singing bowl) and sometimes a lovely little brocade cushion to place it on.

How can you tell if a bronze Tibetan Singing Bowl is an antique or not?

Singing bowls are manufactured in copper, bronze, brass, crystal quartz and some are gold or silver plated.

The multiple overtones of the singing bowl are well known for their health benefits. They relieve stress, anxiety and tension and give a sense of happiness and well being. Therefore they are used in several kinds of therapeutic healing techniques.

Crystal Bowl Meditation
I just love the look and sound of the ethereal looking bowls.

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