Tibetan Tattoo placement?

by Lee

Hello all,

For years now I've appreciated the Tibetan culture and practice some forms of the Buddhist faith in my day to day life believing that they make my life better. I however have had extensive tattoos on both legs from ankle to knee. These include a Buddha,temple, ohm symbol, foo dog,dragon, koi swimming upwards, phoenix and a geisha.

I have also got the om mani padme hum on my inner forearm after finding out its disrespectful to have them below the waist. I didn't know about the "above the waist" until researching the last tattoo. The Buddha is my favorite of all as brings me joy to look at and telling people what they mean and why i have them.

Is having these tattoos there disrespectful? I do love my artwork and was picked for a reason, i don't wish to disrespect anyone?


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