Tibetan Tattoo Translation

by Kerrie-Ann
(Gold Coast Australia)

Hi My name is Kerrie

I would be extremely greatful to get these following words translated in tibetan script for a tattoo, that will be positioned down my spine starting from the top of my neck and acending down, i would love it to be feminine strong beautiful & timeless.It can be in black text with colour symbols or surrounds.
Could you also add some thing maybe for protection. . eg-a symbol or specific colour/s to be used.

It is to read-


Please email myself back and let me know of a price for this service.Also if u may know of a tattoo artist on the Gold coast in Australia that knows/aware or understands this tibetian art. ( a long shot i know , but you dont know if you dont ask.!)
Kindest regards

Hi Kerrie-Ann,

I would be happy to translate these words for you. I think your tattoo will look beautiful.

It will only cost $49, please make your order here.

I could also send you a protection mantra if you like.

All the best,
Patricia from Tibetan Life

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