by Carmen
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Hi there,

I'm from the Netherlands and me and my sister want a Tibetan tattoo 'cause we find it a beautiful language. But there is a problem, it's really hard to find a translater in our country and we want to be 100% sure the tattoo will be translated correctly.

We have also read on the internet that there's is also vertical type of the Tibetan language, and that's what we want! Our tattoo will be placed on our upper back and we have a band with the line 'family is a blessing' so that's why we want this tattoo vertical on our upper back.

Is there someone who is really good with the Tibetan language and can translate 'Family is a blessing'?

Thanks already!

Greetz from the Netherlands.

Hi Carmen,

At our Tibetan Life Translation Service, we have an excellent and accurate Tibetan translator. Please check out this page here.

All the best,


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