Tibetan Tattoos - Line from Heart Sutra Inspires Me Everyday

by Andrew Knowles
(Toronto, Ontario)

Tibetan Tattoo Heart Sutra

Tibetan Tattoo Heart Sutra

I am what I term a searcher, all my life I sought answers to a number of social and personal questions and looked into many religions and philosphies.

I took a Dharma class at Fo Guang Shan temple of Toronto, (Mahayana Chinese Buddhist) located in Mississauga. I studied there for three years before taking refuge and becoming Buddhist. I currently volunteer at the temple, leading tours, teaching classes and in various other duties where I can assist.

At that time I contemplated my first tattoo. I wanted to pay homage to the Dali Lama and long standing, selfless and challenged currently Tibetan Buddhism. I chose for my tattoo the last line from the Heart Sutra, considered the "Lord's Prayer" of Mahayana Buddhism at FGS. The line, Gone, Gone, Completely Gone, Beyond Completely Gone, Halleluja refers to the Impermanence of life and that each moment is a passing opportunity for each of us to savour and use to best effect.

The tattoo inspires me daily and I am now looking at a quote in Tibetan from the Diamond Sutra for my other arm. I then found the book Tibetan Tattoos from tibetanlife (Patricia McCallum) and this has further assisted my imagination in planning inspiring and amazing tattoo's. I recommend it highly.

Andrew Knowles

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