Tibetan Terrier Dog

by Kevin
(Somewhere in the US of A)


I have a question for you about the Tibetan terrier dog.

We want a puppy tibetan terrier but we want to know if we need to let the fur stay long or can we cut it and keep it short. The older terriers seem to all have long hair, is there a reason to keep it long?



I don't think that it matters if you keep the hair long or short as I have seen both on puppies and older Tibetan Terriers and Spaniels for that matter.

Without regular brushing though, the Tibetan dogs fur becomes a matted mess. If you can't commit to the brushing, you have to commit to frequent trimming to keep the coat short, neat, and healthy.

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Please send us a photo of your Tibetan puppy when you get him!

All the best,
Patricia from Tibetan Life

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