Tibetan Trips of my heart in this Life!!

by Beat kentaro

Tashi Delek!

I been to Tibet 2 years ago...I start from Thailand to Laos - China - Tibet and Nepal...I made ​​a 3-day permit into Tibet. It was another three-day retreat. And find a way to cross to Nepal by local bus. But it did not survive. The conflict before it goes to the Thai Baht was 2,500 (x3) baht ( I retreat 3 days and the china Gov. take money 2,500 thb per day ). I was forced to go by plane to go down to Kathmandu. but 6 days in Tibet I saw The true things and some story...how china make with Tibetan, and now I'm in a member of United Nation for Free Tibet...

I get many story about me in Tibet but...Sorry, I'm not expert in English!!!

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