Tibetan Warrior

by Ken Archer
(North Kansas City MO USA)

The Tibetans trace their lineage back to the ape. The apes were divinely inspired and directed to a certain place in life. I perceive that the divine inspiration stays with them just as Jehovah gave the Jews a land and guides them. I perceive that Allah gave Islam a strict set of laws to bring a people together.

The Tibetans were given a direction. They were given a land that had a burning sun and not enough air to breath. This grew a strong people with strong wills.

Tibetan Buddhism is a difficult path to follow; but the people are proud of their faith. The warriors in Tibet are fearsome and will wear down any foe. The high ultraviolet radiation never gives up. The thin air sucks the life from soldiers and prevents them from being effective. The strongest warrior is the Buddhist nuns and monks. When 100 are killed; 300 replace them. The mighty warrior of willpower drives the people to be strong and to nonviolently protest; but they will die for their beliefs.

The Tibetans have a divinely inspired set of warriors. The warriors are the SUN, the THIN AIR, a strong religious BELIEF and the nuns, monks and people harden by the land.

At the Olympics nothing did happen. It made fools of many people. It showed the strength of the Tibet. It showed the brutality of the Chinese government and what they decided would happen; but it didn't. I do not underestimate Tibet.

I saw the Chinese soldiers marching keeping their presence known. They were frightened boys pretending to be tough. Some of the older officers saw the games, but the people ignored them. The military presence made traffic flow well and watched to tourists. I would have to say that even tourists pose a threat to the military.

The warriors are strong and will not stop. Just as water makes a valley or a canyon so go the warriors.

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