Where Are My Tibetan Friends Now?

by Peter
(Fredonia, NY, USA)

Tashi Delek.

I lived in Dharamsala and Tashi-Jong between 1994 - 1999. I have lost contact with some wonderful people, like Lhamo & Jampa from the Rising Horizon Cafe, and Tashi at the Kangsar Travel Lodge.

Like you, I fell in with Tibetan people for five years. I then visited Cambodia and found the same kind of strong spirit and great character in these people. I married a Cambodian woman.

But, I never stop thinking of my Tibetan friends who then were family. They changed my life, no doubt.

I have wanted to return with my Cambodian family to run a facility or somehow live around 'Little Lhasa' in Northern India. We are organic vegetable CSA farmers three hours south of Toronto in New York State.

Tu Che Chay

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