Our Tibetan Mastiff

by Piya d
(El Cajon )

Picture Of Our Tibetan Dog 'Rancho'

Picture Of Our Tibetan Dog 'Rancho'

I have a Tibetan Mastiff, named Rancho who is one and half years old now. This breed is said to be one of the ancient breeds which have been on this earth for years.

Rancho is a wonderful dog, very friendly and loveable. He, as one can make it out from his picture, looks cute and is very quiet. With quiet I mean is that he never messes around with some one without reasons. He is a very cool and calm dog.

He weighs around 110 lbs and I try and see that he doesn’t get overweight. He likes to walk around and engages in lot of playing with my son, which provides him with a good workout. This breed is often said to be a primitive breed and has a wolf-like character.

According to their history, this breed is the ancestor of Molossuses breeds. They have wolf like characters because they have actually diverged from wolves. As the history speaks these dogs have been used as ‘flock guardian dogs’ in Tibet and also in west, as they were strong and had this ability of confronting predators.

I find this Tibetan dog as an ideal pet for my house, as he is one of the best when it comes to my house security. People are afraid of him, at the very first sight and this is one of the best part of having him as a pet. He is the best.

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