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Dec 13, 2009
Comment about Tibetan Genocide in Tibet by China.
by: Henri

I am outraged by what is happening in Tibet by the China government. The Tibet invasion is not right and it is insane that it has been going on for too long time!

I have several Tibetan friends here in Paris and they are kind and gentle people. Why China cannot see this, I do not understand?? They are funny, very hospitable and love to talk and laugh together. I feel very happy when I am together with them. If a friend of me feel depression or anxiety about something, then I take them to good Tibetan friend's house with me and i tell them that this is how to be happy and they agree!

But they long to return home to their beautiful land and see the Tibet flag, the authentic flag of the tibetan plateau waving over the Dalai lama palace once more.

I pray for all people in the world, not only religions people but all the people to have love and compassion for all. We all love our baby, our mother and father and our freedom. We are all the same, you and me and all the people. As His saintity the Dali Lama always say, simple kindness is most important in the life.

Peace my brothers.

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