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Jan 12, 2013
Ven. Kundol Rinpoche
by: Tenzin Dorje

I don't know the story you refer two. However, the boy on the picture that is joined with the article is most probably Venerable Lama Thubten Kundol Rinpoche.

He was recognized as the reincarnation of Venerable Geshe Lobsang Jamyang. He's now 8 years old, there is a Facebook Page dedicated to him, and he lives in Kathmandu. I had an audience with him about a month ago. If one may surely feels great when placed in Rinpoche's company, I would not trust the story you told. Plus, the great Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh said that ones should learn how to truly walk on earth before thinking of walking in the sky.

I mean you no disrespect, this is :)

Take care, and may you be able to practice Dharma in the best possible way.

Apr 26, 2010
Tibetan Monks Story...
by: Patricia From Tibetan Life

I'm not sure which story you mean but I will keep an eye out. Perhaps another visitor knows the one you mean and can send a link.

What a wonderful idea, to go and live in Tibet!

To visit Tibet you will need a Chinese visa. As for living in Tibet, take a look at this interesting forum where travelers and visitors to Tibet and China discuss just about everything. It should give you a lead or two:

Also check here at the fabulous Lonely Planet forums:

If you don't find the information that you are looking for, try joining and asking. The people who frequent this forum are friendly and informative.

Patricia from Tibetan Life

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