Tibetan Monks Story

by Caroline
(West Wales, UK)

Baby Tibetan Monk!

Baby Tibetan Monk!


I read an account a few years ago about a Tibetan monk of high acclaim being challenged by visitors to demonstrate his magical-mystical prowess. He asked the visitors and other monks to sit in a circle, in the centre of which he placed a young infant.

After meditating, the monk recited some brief verbal Buddhist ritual prayers and the baby sat up and looked at the sceptics, assuming the facial expressions and body language of a human adult. The sceptic's scepticism was of course shattered, and he stated that he was very frightened.

I wish so much to read this account again and imagine it must be a well-known one - could you give me any guidance as to finding it, please? (I do not think it was from Alexandra David-Neel about a sceptic - obviously she was a believer and practitioner, and I am very, very interested in Tibetan mysticism myself).

Incidentally, and please do not think this too way out (I have visited and I love Tibet), can Westerners obtain permission to live there permanently??

Many thanks, Caroline Shreeve

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