Top Ten Reasons To Exercise

by Peter H.
(Florida, United States)

Hi there miss yogi!

i just made my own Top ten reasons to exercise and wanted to share with you.

i like to try different fitness programs and my friends are always asking me why should people exercise and why is exercise important so this is what i tell them again and again... i also quote statistics on physical fitness but they don't ever listen.

By the way, i just looked at your five tibetan exercises video on you tube and i love it. i might give it a shot!

But can you tell me what are the best stretching routines to do before this tibetan yoga? i am old enough to know that warm up before exercise is safest!

thanks alot,
Peter from Tampa Bay

Top ten reasons to exercise by Peter:


For your Health- I know it sounds cliché, but people who exercise are healthier!

To reduce your stress ? aerobic exercise will help you let your day go.

To increase you energy- you take better care of your family when you take better care of yourself.

To lose weight ? the math is simple, more muscle means less fat.

To prepare for summer activities-want to keep up with the kids in the summer, focus your winter exercise towards the muscles you will use most.

To reduce change of injury- muscles that are toned are less likely to be hurt in regular activity.

To tone up your muscles, you don?t have to lose weight to be more toned.

To increase your life expectancy- gentle exercise can help you live longer

To reduce joint and muscle stiffness- fit muscles hurt less.

To have fun- exercising doing something you like can be fun and relaxing, like hiking or biking..

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Jan 29, 2010
Great Top Ten Reasons To Exercise List!
by: Patricia From Tibetan Life

Tashi Delek Peter!

What a great top ten reasons to exercise list, thank-you so much!

You can check out my warm up exercise page here:

Feel free to write a page for us on 'statistics on physical fitness', that would be really informative then you can direct your friends to see your own web page then maybe they might pay more attention!

Take care,
Patricia From Tibetan Life

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